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About Lan-bridge

Lan-bridge is a Chinese translation and interpretation company based in London and China. We were founded in Chengdu in 2000 to cater to the increasing demand for translation services as more and more foreign companies invested in China, and as Chinese companies began to cooperate with partners all over the globe.

Lan-bridge sets high standards for itself and was the first translation company in China to be awarded the ISO9001:2000 quality management assurance certificate, which we renewed in 2019. We have been recognised as one of the top ten language service providers in China by the Translators Association of China, in 2009, 2010 and 2012. We are currently one of the largest translation companies in mainland China, and we translate millions of words for a wide range of companies.

Our clients range from multinational corporations and large state-owned companies, to start-ups, media publishers, government agencies and academic institutions. No matter if the client is big or small, meeting their requirements is paramount, and through regular communication and a flexible approach, our management team will organise our staff and resources to successfully meet the client’s goals. Every word in every project is given an equal amount of care.

We pride ourselves on being cultural intermediaries – allowing foreign firms access to China and allowing Chinese firms to make it on overseas soil. We know that success only happens when companies and customers can communicate, and we also know where the mistranslations and misunderstandings are likely to happen.  This means we can take proactive steps to solve communication issues before they occur, ensuring that even if you don’t have any Chinese staff, your messages will get across and you don’t need to worry about poor communication affecting your business in China.


Chinese headquarters

Lan-bridge is headquartered in Chengdu, the fast-growing capital of Sichuan Province and de facto capital of western China. We have over 400 full-time professional staff, translators and language experts spread over 3 floors in our main production base in Chengdu. This means we can manage our resources and implement strict quality control mechanisms efficiently and effectively, allowing us to provide quality translations to our clients in a short amount of time.

UK office

We opened our UK office in 2012 to help Chinese companies expand into foreign markets and UK clients to further expand their business with China or Chinese consumers. In addition to our normal technical specialisms, in the UK we focus on marketing and transcreation, helping UK businesses acquire new Chinese customers. We pride ourselves on a deep understanding of both markets, and our clients find that comes through in our work.

Services across China

We have offices in sixteen cities across China, in Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chongqing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Tianjin, Changsha, Jinan, Nanning and Shenzhen. This means that we can conveniently and quickly provide interpretation and other event services across the country, which is especially handy when a business trip takes you to multiple cities. For our clients travelling to China, we can also arrange tickets and schedules. For events in China, we have local providers for printing, translation, sound equipment and other services, and we can also help you secure a venue.

Quality control

As we’ve grown, we’ve had to take steps to make sure that quality hasn’t suffered, as is often the case with larger companies. Starting with our human resource management, we employ a range of process and quality checks to ensure that we only have the best qualified professional translators working within their relevant specialism. Each project follows strict project management processes to ensure that nothing gets overlooked and the files are returned to the customer with the correct style, tone, formatting and design.

Some of our achievements

• We’ve translated for infrastructure projects across Africa, Asia and South America.

• We’ve translated contracts that have allowed companies sign business deals and expand abroad.

• We translate training material, so Chinese staff can be well integrated into a company’s global corporate culture and operations.

• We’ve translated biotechnology and pharmaceutical materials, helping the advancement of science and medicine.

• We translate books, articles and journals, helping the spread of ideas around the globe.

• We’ve helped power homes and businesses through our translations for the energy sector.

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