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Happy Year of the Horse!

As 2014 gallops on, it is time for Lan-bridge to wish all of our friends, partners and clients a very happy Chinese New Year! We are leaving the year of the snake and entering the year of the horse, which in Chinese culture means that anyone born in the year of the horse (2014, 2002, 1990, 1978, 1966, 1954 and 1942) will enjoy greater fortune and should wear red for extra luck (underpants are a common choice!). Horses are the spirit of the Yellow River, and embody the spirit of the Chinese people and their highest morals. They represent the emperor, fathers, masters, and sages, and are imbued with authority, health, respect and kindness, loyalty and persistence.

Chinese Spring Festival traditionally begins on New Year’s Eve, which is the 30th January 2014, and ends on the 14th of Feburary with the Lantern Festival. During the Spring Festival national holiday, our office in China will close from the 29th of January until the 6th of Feburary, giving our translators a well earned break and time to spend with their family and friends. We will have limited cover on these days but our capacity will be reduced. Please do continue to send us your translations but please be aware that turnover time may be affected. Our UK office will remain open.

Sending holiday greetings via text is a common holiday tradition in China, and this year they will be peppered with horse related phrases and sayings. We’d like to replicate this in English, so let us wish that you saddle up, and race to the finishing post; that your business is stable, neigh, growing; and that you don’t have to rein yourself in – we hope you still have time to horse around a little this year! 二零一四马年到,万马奔腾景壮观。新年迎来新气象,快马加鞭都争先。马到功成事业灿,昂首阔步勇向前。愿您马年福禄寿,新年快乐合家欢!语言桥恭祝您新年快乐!

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