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Interpreting for CBBC, Boris Johnson, the EU, and Prime Minister David Cameron’s delegation to Chengdu

Our specialist meetings and interpretation team in China has been busy over the past few months. In addition to the normal burst of events held in our home city Chengdu in the autumn/winter season, we have helped provide interpretation during the two recent high-profile political missions to China – Boris Johnson in October and during the Chengdu leg of the Prime Minister’s trade delegation in December.

In Beijing we worked closely with the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) to provide simultaneous, consecutive and escort interpretation for a variety of events on topics ranging from HR management, law, education, innovation and even interior design, in all providing interpretation at 8 events over September and October.

On October 13th we provided interpretation for speeches by the Mayor of London Boris Johnson and other guests, including Jiangsu Satellite TV star Meng Fei, at the Yang Gallery in Beijing. Our interpreter helped translate some of Mr Johnson’s more colourful remarks such as a comment on how the popular Chinese dating show Fei Cheng Bu Rao should hold a special edition in London to help his younger brother find a partner.

Our presence on the ground was a boon for our cooperation with a Belgium events company that was liaising on behalf of the EU for interpretation services for an event held in Chongqing in November. The events company were experiencing difficulties in communicating with the local Chinese partners, in particular finding out what equipment was provided and what the EU side needed to provide. Our local team on the ground was able to help verify the exact set up with the local venue, to give the client piece of mind regarding the event’s organisation. In addition, our meetings co-ordinator was on-site during the whole meeting and before to liaise with the European partners. In the end, an event that was confirmed at quite late notice went off without a hitch.

Finally, in December we provided interpretation for the Prime Minister’s delegation on the Chengdu leg of their tour. In addition to escort interpretation for the delegation, we also provided consecutive interpretation and matchmaking meeting interpretation for a symposium on software and information technology, a salon on commercial opportunities in Western China, and a roundtable on investment in UK cities.

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