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Lan-bridge rebrands Sveba-Dahlen for the Chinese market

Global design is a new addition to our suite of language-related services, and you may be wondering what kind of work we have been doing.

An example is in our work earlier this year for Swedish oven-maker Sveba-Dahlen. The company has been selling their products in China through local agents for more than 25 years. Marketing had been neglected, and the company didn’t have a localised Chinese brand name, logo or accompanying materials. Any translation had been done piecemeal by their agents.

With the establishment of a new Chinese enterprise with headquarters in Shenzhen, Sveba-Dahlen reached out to Lan-bridge for assistance in developing a Chinese name. They wanted a name that sounded similar to the original, reflected their leading position as a leading oven manufacturer and encapsulated their brand’s commitment to energy efficiency.

Lan-bridge set to work on preliminary research and invited both foreign and Chinese staff from Sveba-Dahlen to a three day workshop to work on the name. Our leading linguists work to understand the brand and its market positioning and brainstorm names to get the creative juices flowing. By day three, we had a name and confirmed its availability through domain name searches and engaging trademark lawyers.

For the results, and to find out the name we chose, have a read of our PDF brochure on the case study by clicking here. We went on to design the logo and Chinese marketing materials for Sveba-Dahlen, taking care to reinforce the message encapsulated in the name across the board.

If your company requires Chinese branding, please get in touch with us to find out what we can offer.

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