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Lan-bridge’s 2018 Quality Month kicks off


Summer is steadily supassing spring, and Chengdu’s weather is –like it’s local cuisine- getting very hot!

This month, just as the 18 year anniversary of Lan-bridge’s founding approaches, our annual Quality Month officially began. As a company, we have always been developed through a continuous process of reflection and knowledge accumulation, and our our quality months are a key part of maintaining this.

  1. Under the guiding of the core values, ‘Customer first, quality proirity, and execution paramount’, Lan-bridge hopes to comprehensively deepen employees’ awareness of quality control processes, which lead to better quality in translation and customer service.  ‘Prioritising quality is everyone’s responsibility’ 

    The theme of our event is: ‘Prioritising quality is everyone’s responsibility’. In order to create a good working atmosphere in which ‘everyone knows, everyone pays attention and everybody participates’, Lan-bridge’s quality control department will work with various other departments to actively organize and carry out Quality Month-related activities. These acivities will be in the following areas:1. Good quality knowledge and good answers and questions
    This activity took place with the employees at our HQ in Chengdu. On the day of the competition, questions were asked by the quality control department, and employees independently choose the topics they are interested in. Participants also received wonderful gifts for their hard work!

    2. Self-analysis
    This activity lasted for one month and mainly involved the marketing, translation, and online business centers, as well as of the employees in the technical center. Under the leadership of their superiors, employees of various departments filled in the self-examination and the mutual inspection record forms, which helped us gather information about quality control standardization. After the event, the quality control department selected winners for the individual and team excellence awards.

    3. Quality control training This activity will be for employees who have not recently participated in our other relevant quality control training sessions. The quality control department will carry out a series of training sessions on the ‘zero defect quality management concept’, ‘basic requirements and practices for translation quality’, ‘network search word skills’, and ‘order case sharing’. Other session titles and content will be released nearer the time.

    4. Quality inspections

    During Quality Month, in addition to the regular quality inspections, the quality control department will focus on checking the process compliance work of each center. Once the activity is over, the department will write a report on the inspection statuses, which will be used as basis for the relevant department’s evaluation at the end of the year.

    The department will also hold a commendation meeting in June to recognize outstanding units and individuals.

For more information on related activities, our partners can view our official WeChat and Weibo pages, where more information will be posted.

The Quality Month has opened, let us cheer!

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