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Lan-bridge’s Quality Month may be over, but its principles live on!

In order to promote our motto ‘customer first, quality priority, and execution paramount’, Lan-bridge is always looking for new ways to effectively implement these core values. Once such opportunity came last month, when after careful planning and preparation, the first Quality Month event took place as scheduled.

This was the first time that the Quality Month campaign had been expanded to include the entire company, covering the marketing, translation, online business and technology departments. At the same time, in order to achieve better results, a variety of activities were specially designed, including tests, competitions, training, inspections, and other activities.

The first activity of our Quality Month was a competition based on theoretical knowledge of quality management and the company’s real quality-related cases. It was set up to include easy and fun riddles, which fully mobilized the enthusiasm of participating employees and made knowledge related to quality management more memorable.

At the same time, in order to further promote the awareness of all employees and improve their work skills, the quality department also organized various types of training, including ‘zero-defect’ training, management training, best practices for translation quality, and techniques for searching words and terms online.

In addition to regular quality inspections, the quality department also focused on checking each centre’s process compliance, and interviewed the employees who ranked lower to help them formulate corresponding plans for improvment.

One of the campaign’s main goals was to give full play to the role of each department and form conscious quality-checking habits amongst all employees. The quality department tailored each department’s training to the business characteristics of their position. The detailed checklist facilitated self-checking by each department and role within that department.

Various departments carried out extensive and in-depth inspections in light of their own circumstances: the marketing center focused on checking compliance issues, such as those related to orders and CRM details; the translation center inspected various types of deviation behaviors according to various job procedures; and the technical center focused on checking the regulatory issues of R&D and testing.

Furthermore, various departments formulated and implemented specific solutions for the quality risk points exposed by self-examination and mutual inspection activities.

Our colleagues in the marketing department also carried out training and discussions based on the characteristics specific to their own field. They focused on a clear customer demand being the key to doing a good job and established 9 points which can serve as a guide as to meeting the needs of customers and providing them with the best possible translation and customer service quality.

We are satisfied that the efforts we made during quality month will put us in good stead for the future, enabling us both to work better as a team and provide a better service for our customers. Although this quality month event has ended successfully, we will never stop on our road to providing high-quality products and services for customers. Making quality a priority isn’t just a slogan to say, it is a philosophy and real practice which requires a concentrated and sustained effort from the whole company! As John Ruskin said: “Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.”

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