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Lan-bridge provides Chinese interpreters in the UK and China, as well as in other countries across the world. We have a network of highly qualified linguists for interpreting in and out of Chinese and English here in the UK and between Chinese and a dozen other languages in China and abroad. We only work with experienced and qualified interpreters that have passed our stringent recruitment process.

We know you need to get your messages across clearly, so we will work with you to find the most suitable service type for your needs and to match you with the best interpreter for the subject matter. We help you pre-brief your interpreter, so that they are adequately prepared and understand your requirements, ensuring that everything runs smoothly on the day.

Confidentiality is paramount and we and all of our interpreters sign confidentiality agreements as standard. We also provide equipment hire, telephone interpreting and other additional services as requested. If you are not sure which type of interpretation you require, then see our quick guide here.

What we provide:


Our Chinese interpreter will accompany you on a field trip or factory visit, or for informal meetings, such as at an expo. The interpreter can also help you with transportation, ordering meals, and other tasks that need to be carried out while abroad.

Consecutive interpretation

The Lan-bridge Chinese interpreter will translate a chunk of text after the speaker. This can be used for more formal meetings and events, or training, seminars and workshops. For long days, two interpreters are advised, as it can be a very tiring task!

Simultaneous interpretation

Two Chinese interpreters will share an interpreting booth and translate at the same time as the speaker talks. The translation will then be relayed to the listeners via headsets, and those listening in the source language will not be disturbed.

Conference services

We can provide interpretation equipment hire, event materials translation (including PowerPoint presentation materials, event invites and so on), transcription services, or even a multilingual event app.

Our service promise

Highly qualified interpreters

Stringent linguist recruitment

Lan-bridge pre-brief

Chinese, Cantonese and other variants of Chinese

Service provided in China, organised in the UK

Interpretation across the UK and Europe

Equipment hire for simultaneous interpretation


Specialist Chinese interpreters

Long-term linguist secondments

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