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Lan-bridge Corporate Advisory (M&A)


As a complement to our professional communication services, Lan-bridge have decided to offer a strategic advisory service for Chinese companies that wish to evaluate and execute M&A transactions primarily, but not exclusively in Europe.



Our team provides a senior transaction service based on long and deep experience across a number of sectors and countries in Europe, and elsewhere.  We always base our advice to the client and the execution of any transaction on a strategic approach to the business and the industry we are dealing with. We are research driven but at the same time highly commercially experienced and practical in our approach to assisting our clients with often complex transactions.

The team can assist our clients with a comprehensive range of services covering all of the below, working closely with the communication services of Lan-bridge as appropriate.




Pre-transaction M&A strategy and target search services

During this phase, we work closely with the client to establish process objectives and define, analyse and select feasible M&A strategies, including financing, for reaching those objectives.
We identify, screen and, together with the client, select potential transaction counterparties, which we approach to establish if there is sufficient basis for a first meeting between principals. In an acquisition search, we would aim to arrange a number of consecutive meetings with potential counterparties for the Chinese client. This approach increases the chances of success, saves valuable management time and creates a more efficient process with a greater degree of control for the client.

Acquisitions and acquisition finance

Our team can offer its long and deep experience to assist clients with search and selection of acquisition targets, as well as further research and preparation of meetings, negotiating positions and the conduct of contract negotiations.
We help the client perform a thorough due diligence process, making sure that all key issues are covered and reported to the client, as well as reflected in valuation and contract. We are highly effective at organising and coordinating commercial, legal, financial and other types of due diligence which saves time for the client and helps achieve a better transaction outcome.
Our services can also include assisting with raising acquisition finance from equity, mezzanine and debt providers, as well as any subsequent refinancing.

Mergers and joint ventures

Mergers and joint ventures are among the most complicated transactions to pursue as they involve mutual due diligence and valuations, together with complex transaction and shareholders agreements.

Having an experienced, professional intermediary is particularly important for managing the often sensitive interpersonal issues which are key to not only to achieving a successful transaction but also to the subsequent success of the merged company or joint venture itself.


After a major acquisition, the buyer sometimes finds itself also owning smaller parts of the business that do not fit its long term strategy. We can help maximize the value of these businesses by selling them through structured, competitive sell side processes.

We put great emphasis on preparing the business and its management for the sale. This always saves time for the seller and, importantly, avoids problems later on which can have a detrimental effect on value.

We invest in carefully researching and selecting the potential buyers to make sure that we engage the right parties in the process from the start, and can present the opportunity in a way which maximizes their strategic interest.

We actively manage the disposal process from beginning to successful end, to make sure that the seller achieves the best price and other terms with the greatest likelihood of success.

Post-transaction integration services

Having successfully acquired, merged or set up a joint venture with another company, the team can also assist with post-transaction integration services which are of decisive importance for the longer term success of the new business. Team members can also serve as board members to provide continuing support to the client and the business, and to help satisfy local requirements for independent board members.


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