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The Voice of Lan-bridge (03/03/2017): New environment, new possibilities!




On 27th February, 2017, Lan-bridge Group’s head office, its Chengdu subsidiary and its translation centre all bid farewell to their office at Gulou International, where they had spent the past 6 years working. Now we have moved to the 8th and 9th floors of the TEDA Times Centre in Chengdu’s High-tech Centre.

Our need for office space has grown alongside our professional team and we now have 400 full-time members of staff! Our services and language capabilities are continuously expanding, further securing our position as a comprehensive language services provider!


The New Upgrade

Improving the office environment raises the morale and productivity of its inhabitants. Our new office space is comfortable, spacious and well-designed. It includes kitchen and recreation areas and its layout fosters a calming and people-friendly atmosphere.


We are very satisfied with our present situation, and when we look to the future, we are filled with excitement at the possibilities that lie ahead. Lan-bridge has now begun a new chapter, and we are very grateful to our customers, whose support and affirmation over the past 17 years has brought us here. We hope that as we all move forward, we can continue on our journey of work and innovation together!


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Translated by Kain Jagger 

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