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The Voice of Lan-bridge (13/10/2016)

October: Autumn’s harvest season

Here today, gone tomorrow. We rub our eyes in disbelief because before we know it National Day and the surrounding national holidays have already flown past. We hope you all enjoyed your week.

Part 1: This week’s moments

Below is a brief run-down of the events Lan-bridge has provided language services for this week.


The 2016 China Digital Retail Summit (Shanghai, 26-27 September, 2016)

The China International Agricultural Remote Sensing Technology Forum (Langfang, Hebei Province, 27 September, 2016)

The 8th China International Production Safety Forum (Beijing, 28 September, 2016).

2016 International City Business Forum (Guangzhou, 30 September, 2016)

Part 2: Employee of the week

Zhang Liang (c. 250 BC – 186 BC), also known as Zifang, lived during the late Qin and early Han Dynasties. Originally from Chengfu (in present-day Anhui Province) he established himself as an outstanding advisor and minister, and alongside Han Xin and Xiao He, became known as one of the ‘three outstanding characters’ of the early Han dynasty.

[Ed.: Have we made a mistake? Is this the right Zhang Liang we are talking about?]

Today we would like to introduce you to our own Zhang Liang – Mario Zhang Liang. Mario is Lan-bridge’s senior customer manager. He was born in the 80’s and is very proficient in design.


When Yours Truly first joined Lan-bridge, I found myself seated opposite Mario. I must admit, I initially found him quite cold and intimidating, and tried my best to avoid making conversation with him. But the more I came into contact with him the more I realised he wasn’t so bad after all. What’s more, he is a very capable man. He arrives early and supervises the set-up of every meeting, whilst simultaneously liaising with clients and staying vigilant to keep the event running smoothly. Clients are so comfortable with him that they often call him ‘Brother Liang’.

Since he began working at Lan-bridge, Mario has gained a rich experience that has led him to anticipating all potential issues at events and prepare accordingly. Mario has helped me many times, too; and even though I once thought him a distant figure, I now know I can always count on Brother Liang.

Part 3: Knowledge

1, ‘Tips’ isn’t a word we often come across in China, right? In fact, it is an abbreviation of the phrase ‘to insure prompt service’.

2, “Was it a car or a cat I saw?” Can you find what’s so special about this sentence? “WASITACARORACATISAW” – yes, that’s it! This is a unique sentence in English because it says the same thing whether you read it forward or backwards!

3, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch.”
Do you know the meaning of this saying? In the 19th Century, some American bars offered “free lunch” deals. In fact, they brought out beer with the lunch and you had to buy the beer to get the lunch. So of course, there really was no free lunch.

Translated by Kain Jagger




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