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The Voice of Lan-bridge – 14/06/2018

Summer has arrived! Here in Chengdu June has been a mild and showery month so far. However, we can’t complain, as before long the heat will arrive. Thankfully for those of us in HQ, Chengdu isn’t in one of China’s famous ‘three furnaces‘, so at this time of year, we always spare a thought for our colleagues in those cities…

This has been a busy month for us. Below is a report on one of the many events we have worked on this month.

The Ninth International Forum on Infrastructure Investment and Construction

Last week saw successful completion of the The Ninth International Forum on Infrastructure Investment and Construction. This event was organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Agency.

Since its establishment in 2010, the International Infrastructure Forum has successfully held eight annual sessions, which have established a high-end, professional, authoritative, and effective brand image in their industry. It has developed into an annual event which has a strong international influence, attracting visitors from more than 60 countries each year. Nearly 2,000 industry elites and government representatives responsible for infrastructure (including more than 50 vice-ministerial level and above) attended this year, as well as project owners, financial institutions, contractors, investors, manufacturers, consulting service organizations, and others. Participation in this meeting provides a great cooperation platform companies looking to work with China and for Chinese companies looking to work internationally.

“Cultivating and Developing New Energy, Promoting Infrastructure Construction and Interconnection.”

This year the forum’s theme was “Cultivating and Developing New Energy, Promoting Infrastructure Construction and Interconnection.” Government workers, business people, and academics met to discuss how to drive innovation through the transformation of new and old development kinetic energy in the world.

They looked at how technological innovations might nurture new momentum in infrastructure development and international cooperation, and how this might effect and promote infrastructure construction along points connected to China’s “One Belt and One Road”.

The 4th China-Latin America Infrastructure Cooperation Forum

The 4th China-Latin America Infrastructure Cooperation Forum sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce was also held in conjunction with the current International Infrastructure Forum. This latter forum was held under the framework of the China-Latin America Forum and was an important platform which specifically discussed and promoted China-Latin America’s mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral infrastructure cooperation.

In addition to the thematic forums, each of the sub-forums closely focused on the development needs of overseas Chinese enterprises’ and held in-depth discussions on financing model innovation, business transformation and upgrading, development of key points, and emerging markets. During the forum, various forms of business activities were also organized to promote exchanges and cooperation among participating organizations.

We look forward to next year’s event

2,000 participants attended the 9th International Infrastructure Forum, of which 1,200 were from China and 800 were from overseas. The Forum continues to be an excellent platform for companies and people in the industry to exchange ideas, obtain information, discover opportunities and seek cooperation.

As the only language service exhibitor in the conference, Lan-bridge was set up on stand NO.15. During the Forum, Lan-bridge’s representatives carried out many face-to-face exchanges with visitors, offering their knowledge from their experiences and expertise on translation in the engineering field.

After 18 years of experience and practice, Lan-bridge has served tens of thousands of clients. We have built up a strong core competitiveness in the field of engineering translation, accumulated a huge database of engineering translation contacts and knowledge, and provided many customers with high quality and efficient language services. As a leading language service brand in China, we will continue to focus on customer service and to advocate the core values ​​of “customers first, quality priority, and execution paramount.”

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