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The Voice of Lan-bridge (29/03/2017): Conference week report

Long time no see, everyone! Recently, our government exhibition department has been very busy, rushing about at several big conferences in order to help ensure they run smoothly. By upholding our leading values (“customer first, quality priority, execution paramount”), Lan-bridge has become the backbone for outstanding exhibition and conference services in China. Below are some recent events we have worked with:

1. China Rubber Conference (Guangzhou, 15th-16th March, 2017)

The annual China Rubber Conference and China Rubber Industry Exhibition are sponsored by the China Rubber Association. This is the year’s largest international Rubber meeting and exhibition. Lan-bridge provided simultaneous interpretation for approximately 800 participants, who praised us for our ability to build a real bridge between languages.
2. EU Gateway to China (Beijing, 20-24th March, 2017)

Chinese and EU industrial representatives attended this event’s opening ceremony, which was initiated and funded by the EU. 45 interpreters from Lan-bridge provided the complete language services for this event, amongst which were included: simultaneous meetings, news announcements and other specialist consecutive interpretation, facilitating one-on-one business meetings, and interpreters to accompany delegates after the event. Lan-bridge was able to showcase its range of services and the quality of its interpreters, which led to many delegates leaving the event feeling satisfied.

IMG_3775 IMG_3776

3. British Elite Independent Schools Interview and Enrolment Forum (Beijing, 21st March, 2017; Tianjin, 23rd March, 2017)

Lan-bridge provided simultaneous interpretation services for this event, which aims at increasing cooperation in the field of education between China and other countries.



4. The 96th Branchenkontaktgespräche Cocktail Party (Chengdu, 23rd March, 2017)

Lan-bridge sent 6 German-Chinese specialist interpreters to facilitate one-on-one business discussions at this cocktail party. After the meeting the customers thanked us for our role in supporting their cooperation.

Lan-bridge Group’s General Manager’s Speech: Scalability is essential to integration

Not long ago, Lan-bridge Group’s general manager, Zhang Yu, was invited to participate in an exhibition industry’s talent selection seminar. His speech (below) was selected for the MICE public exhibition and the “Tourism Exhibition” March 2017 issue.

Scalabilty is essential to integration


We at Lan-bridge Group hope to understand not just translation and interpretation but also the industry itself, including translators and salespersons. We hope our workers will achieve 3 to 5 years’ experience, but we often find that in this industry, many people change jobs every 6 months.

The conference and exhibition industry isn’t an easy one, and there aren’t many people who love to work in it. That said, I believe that modern young people can sometimes lack the spirit of persistence. I often think about how we can maintain our employee’s interest in this field, not only because conducive to business, but also because it can enrich their own lives. I suggest that with a combination of a good corporate culture and the right guidance, employees can discover their interest and passion for their work – and this is something we should pay attention to.

I believe that there are two basic prerequisites for working in this industry. The first is communication ability (including empathy quotient) and second is the ability to execute tasks using initiative. Because the translation industry is quite a small one, we can allow for potential recruits to not understand it fully. However, we can’t allow inertia to sink in, because scalability is essential to integrating into this industry and improving one’s work.

We want to give employees a higher platform and higher salaries, so that their performance improves; these are well-intentioned wishes. However, this can sometimes be the wrong way to go about it. Every employee wants to develop, but it is also important that staff are placed in the appropriate position, more able to reach their potential. In each position, in fact, the opportunity to use greater initiative and gain a higher salary exists. For example, the more a general manager utilises his strengths, the higher the benefits for the company, and hopefully his salary will reflect that, too.

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Translated by Kain Jagger 


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