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The Voice of Lan-bridge (31/10/2016)

The clocks have gone back; our mornings are misty and our evenings are darker; light yellow leaves decorate our trees and litter our lawns; and pumpkins and children dressed as ghouls and ghosts are everywhere; this can only mean one thing – we have arrived at the end of October.

Part 1: This week’s moments

Asia FPSO & FLNG 2016 (Shanghai, 20 October, 2016)

The China-Britain Enterprise Innovation Exchange (Tianjin, 19 October, 2016)

Asia FPSO & FLNG 2016 (Shanghai, 20 October, 2016)

The 3rd China International Conference on Commercial Vehicles (Shanghai Renaissance Hotel, Pudong, 20-21 October, 2016)

Lenovo’s president of China and our interpreters pose for a photo together

Part 2: Miscellaneous
Since working in the language service industry, I have attended many meetings. And to my knowledge, Lan-bridge is the most professional interpretation service provider in China. We often work with large exhibitions held in developed cities, and it is during these times that some problems emerge.

The more events that are held, the more emergent communications there will naturally be to deal with. We often produce great results; however, we can’t always guarantee that everything will go wonderfully every time. For example, I once went to an event where the guest complained that they intermittently couldn’t understand what was being said. Afterwards, they made sure to find me and vent their anger. I knew this interpretation was done by an experienced interpreter, who was unlikely to have made any errors. I brought the interpreter and guest together, and we discussed the matter. It turned out that the PPT seen on the stage and what the interpreter was saying didn’t match. How could this have happened? In the end, we discovered that it was because the speaker’s slides on the PPT were changed quicker than they were speaking. The interpreter was interpreting in time with the speaker, not the slides, so this was what had created our guest’s confusion.

We quickly solved this problem, and the guest who had complained highly valued our services. Had this guest not complained, we would have missed an opportunity to improve our services and rectify this particular error.

When providing conference services, problems similar to the one above often come up. We receive complaints and compliments. How to hold the perfect event is a goal that we always pursue. And with support from all sides, we warmly welcome all opinions on our work, because we know this is what helps us to grow and improve.

Part 3: Tips
1, Avoid saying “I think” and “I believe” unless absolutely necessary.

These are phrases that do not evoke confidence, and will do you no good.

2, When feeling anxious, tidy up your home or work space.

You will feel happier and more accomplished than before.

3, Always buy the first pitcher or round of drinks.

You’d be surprised how long you can dine out on the phrase “I bought the first round.”

4, Pay attention, parents: always give your kid a choice that makes them think they are in control.

For instance, when I want my son to put his shoes on, I say, “Do you want to put on your Star Wars shoes or your shark shoes?”

Pro-tip: In some cases, this also works on adults.

5, The physical effects of stress — increased breathing and heart rate — are almost identical to the physical effects of courage.

When you’re feeling stressed by any situation, immediately reframe it: your body is getting ready to be courageous, it is not feeling stressed.


Translated by Kain Jagger








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