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Terminology management

We are the exclusive reseller of TermWeb in China. TermWeb is a web-based, open architecture terminology management tool developed by Interverbum Technology. It integrates with major translation environment and word processing tools and provides a comprehensive range of administrative functions to allow multilingual businesses to manage their critical terminology assets.

In-house translation teams consultancy

We can provide consultancy services for training and managing in-house linguists in China. This helps our clients get the highest levels of efficiency and quality out of their team. If you are considering setting up an in-house department in China or if you want to get more out of an existing team, we can provide advice covering linguist recruitment, job roles and descriptions, testing and interviewing, linguist management, training and CPD, translation workflows and processes, quality management, translation technology, translation memories and terminology management.

Linguist recruitment and secondments

We provide linguists to work on projects anywhere in the world, for a period of days, months or even years. Our linguists work on-site alongside your team in interpreter, translator and language and culture training roles and help ensure the smooth and efficient running of overseas operations, including communication with local staff. We have provided linguists to work on projects for Toyota, China National Petroleum, Dongfang Electric and Vanke, and in countries such as Mongolia, Ethiopia, Turkmenistan, and at home in China.

China-based office and staff

With 9 offices across China, including the main cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou as well as key second tier cities, Lan-bridge is ideally placed to provide office working space and staff recruitment to help expand your business in China. Working on a service agreement, we source and recruit staff based on your business needs, and provide desk space and office facilities for your staff, meaning that you aren’t required to register a company or set up an office in China to grow your business there. This flexible arrangement is ideal for initial market explorations, customer service, online marketing, and pre-company set up.

Social media

Lan-bridge is on hand to set up, manage and run the essential social media accounts that Chinese buyers expect. The most important are Weibo (a Twitter-like platform) and WeChat (a mobile-only app), which together take up a significant portion of time spent online and are the key tools for user engagement, but we are also able to set up, manage and run presences on other social media and relevant sites. We can either produce engaging, original content aligned to your brand values and relevant to a Chinese audience (providing back translations as requested), translate your sourced language posts, or provide a mixture of both. We can also respond to and engage with users on your behalf.

Website design

Our IT team designs Chinese-language websites, fully tailored to the needs, interests and expectations of Chinese visitors. We help with registering your site for an ICP number in China, obtaining a Chinese domain name and hosting your site in China – essential for the quick speeds Chinese website users expect. Our linguists and design team are also on hand to help adapt your materials to create engaging and relevant content aimed at Chinese readers and optimised for China’s main search engines.

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