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Spread Knowledge, Not a Novel Virus

Note: The Translation will be done by our professional, qualified in-house team, so we are only able to offer translations between Chinese simplified and English, French, German, and Spanish. We recommend that completed translations are for reference or internal use only, and should not be used commercially or for profit. For translations into Chinese simplified, we will provide standard-level translation. Other language services beyond […]

What’s in a Chinese company name?

When you enter the Chinese market, you company’s Chinese name should immediately give a good impression that is memorable, culturally aware, and full of positive associations. Because of the well-known language and cultural differences, and the character-based system of writing in China, a lot of thought is needed to come up with something that meets this […]

Lan-bridge’s Quality Month may be over, but its principles live on!

In order to promote our motto ‘customer first, quality priority, and execution paramount’, Lan-bridge is always looking for new ways to effectively implement these core values. Once such opportunity came last month, when after careful planning and preparation, the first Quality Month event took place as scheduled. This was the first time that the Quality […]

The Voice of Lan-bridge – 14/06/2018

Summer has arrived! Here in Chengdu June has been a mild and showery month so far. However, we can’t complain, as before long the heat will arrive. Thankfully for those of us in HQ, Chengdu isn’t in one of China’s famous ‘three furnaces‘, so at this time of year, we always spare a thought for […]

Crossing borders with Lan-bridge’s Customized Foreign Language Training

Voice of Lan-Bridge, 30/05/2018 By Chen Siqi (Lan-bridge’s Training Department).  During the past five years, China has made considerable progress promoting international cooperation and opening-up under its One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative. China’s opening-up to the outside world, OBOR and the growing sense of community that has emerged with the global village are three […]

Lan-bridge’s 2018 Quality Month kicks off

2018-05 Summer is steadily supassing spring, and Chengdu’s weather is –like it’s local cuisine- getting very hot! This month, just as the 18 year anniversary of Lan-bridge’s founding approaches, our annual Quality Month officially began. As a company, we have always been developed through a continuous process of reflection and knowledge accumulation, and our our […]

Chinese idioms and localisation

Chinese idioms  Every language has idioms, but idioms in Chinese are relatively unique. They are usually made up of just four characters, and sourced from Chinese literature. This latter fact compensates for the former, as these short idioms manage to convey both a deep and nuanced meaning beyond what is immediately recognisable to the eye […]

What is China’s Lantern Festival?

Tomorrow (02/03/2018) marks the fifteenth day of the first month of the traditional Chinese calendar, also known as Lantern Festival (Yuánxiāo jié 元宵节). This is an important day in Chinese culture as it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinese Calander Stretching back from the Qin (221 – 206 BC) to the Qing […]

Lan-bridge at CBTE: Post-event summary

Last month (26/01/2018), Lan-bridge participated in the China Britain Trade Expo 2018 (CBTE 2018) at Westminster’s QEII Centre. This, the third consecutive annual CBTE, was attended by a rich variety of delegates and speakers from China, the UK, and elsewhere. It was also the largest to date, with over 980 attendees. CBTE 2018 proved not […]

A New Year’s message from Lan-bridge’s founder and President, Michael Zhu

When you pour your heart into something, that thing will bloom! 2018: A New Year’s message from Michael Zhu, the President of Lan-bridge Communications Just as people online in China have recently been sharing photos of themselves at eighteen years old, Lan-bridge has also celebrated reaching this very same age! Eighteen years ago, our company […]

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