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Chinese idioms and localisation

Chinese idioms  Every language has idioms, but idioms in Chinese are relatively unique. They are usually made up of just four characters, and sourced from Chinese literature. This latter fact compensates for the former, as these short idioms manage to convey both a deep and nuanced meaning beyond what is immediately recognisable to the eye […]

What is China’s Lantern Festival?

Tomorrow (02/03/2018) marks the fifteenth day of the first month of the traditional Chinese calendar, also known as Lantern Festival (Yuánxiāo jié 元宵节). This is an important day in Chinese culture as it marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Chinese Calander Stretching back from the Qin (221 – 206 BC) to the Qing […]

Lan-bridge at CBTE: Post-event summary

Last month (26/01/2018), Lan-bridge participated in the China Britain Trade Expo 2018 (CBTE 2018) at Westminster’s QEII Centre. This, the third consecutive annual CBTE, was attended by a rich variety of delegates and speakers from China, the UK, and elsewhere. It was also the largest to date, with over 980 attendees. CBTE 2018 proved not […]

A New Year’s message from Lan-bridge’s founder and President, Michael Zhu

When you pour your heart into something, that thing will bloom! 2018: A New Year’s message from Michael Zhu, the President of Lan-bridge Communications Just as people online in China have recently been sharing photos of themselves at eighteen years old, Lan-bridge has also celebrated reaching this very same age! Eighteen years ago, our company […]

Lan-bridge at the China-Britain Trade Expo 2018 (26/01/2018)

This Friday (26/01/2018) at Westminster’s QEII Centre, the China Britain Trade Expo (CBTE) 2018 will host 750 of the UK and China’s most influential business leaders, government officials and senior press agencies. This, the third consecutive annual CBTE, will feature keynote speeches and panel sessions from a range of leading experts and specialists working in […]

God’s Chinese Son by Jonathan D. Spence – A Review

China has a wealth of history that often makes for fascinating and surprising reading. The Taiping Rebellion (1850 – 1864) fits both of these categories perfectly. Firstly, because of the sheer scale of this event: in just 14 years, the rebellion lead to the deaths of up to 20 million people, making it technically the […]

How many cities does China have?

Most people don’t need more than one hand to name all of the Chinese cities they know. And yet, outside of China, many people are surprised to know that the country has 105 cities with a population of over 1 million. It may take a while to learn (and learn how to pronounce) most of […]

CBTE 2018 / 英中贸易展览2018

英中贸易展览2018年 Update: September, 2017 CBTE 2018 更新: 2017年9月 英中贸易展览2018   We have had a busy few months here at the CBTE 2018 team in London, as we prepare the upcoming event and agenda. We have been in contact with many distinguished people from government, finance and various other industries. This will be our third consecutive […]

What is Mandarin Chinese?

As we discussed last week, the notion that “China speaks Chinese” isn’t as straightforward as it first seems. This week, we will be looking at what exactly Mandarin is – how old it is, where it came from, and what features it has. An old writing system Probably one of the first things most people […]

What language does China speak?

What language does China speak? For most people, this might seem like a question with an obvious answer. However, when you look closer at it, the answer isn’t quite so straightforward.  Answer 1: Chinese This is technically correct. However, it wouldn’t be fatuous in reply in turn, ‘Which Chinese language?’ From a linguistic point of […]

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